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Prior to six months ago I used to take 1,200mg of
Red Yeast Rice twice daily for over three years for my lipid management. My previous numbers were great on the Red Yeast Rice but six months ago during my annual check up my numbers were as fallows.

Total: 134
LDL: 75
HDL: 42
TRIG: 83

After seeing these results my Doctor wanted me to raise my HDL more as he was not confertable of having my HDL just 2 points above the normal range for men. At that time my Doctor slowly worked me up to take 2,000mg of immediate release Niacin at bed time. It was a tough journey working my way up to 2,000mg. Now six months later I hardly flush anymore and it does not bother me. After I reviewed my new tests results with my Doctor today he advised for me to stay the course with Niacin and I will. As for my lab the Niacin had no impact at all for my blood sugar levels nor my liver function and was very pleased about that. I asked my Doctor if long term Niacin usage can cause type 2 diabetes or liver damage and he said, "Absolutely not and there is no correlation with Niacin usage and type 2 diabetes and liver abnormalities". This is all fully quoting my Doctor. My test results today were as fallows.

TOTAL: 155
LDL: 75
HDL: 70
TRIG: 49

I was very pleased to see such a positive result with my HDL and TRIG. Despite working out and eating right for the past three years this is the best lipid profile I have ever had. I am very glad I gave Niacin a try and hope to maintain my numbers in the future.

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