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[QUOTE=Michael8466;3435242]Thanks for the replies, I've been taking 3,000mg for the past 3 months of the omega 3 fish oil. I guess that hasn't been enough. Do you mean I should be taking a lot more capsules? I also started taking garlic pills as well this past month. He didn't say why not to take the Niacin. He just said he would put me on something else next month. I guess he wants my liver numbers to come back down before he prescribes something else. I wish I knew what dropped my total cholesterol but raised my triglyserides. As for my liver numbers I know it was the medication that raised them so high, almost double. If I could take 100 capsules a day of fish oil to be able to eat white rice again I would. It was easier to stop eating meat than the rice. Thanks[/QUOTE]

When you say 3000mg of fish oil, is that omega-3 dosage, or just the oil? 3 pills daily?

If you look at the bottle it should list the omega-3 amount per pill. You are going to want approx. 3000mg omega-3/daily. So if a pill has 300mg omega-3, that equals 10 pills to get to 3000mg. If you have bleeding problems, or are taking a blood thinner, speak to your doctor before taking a dose like this.

I recommend chatting with your doctor about the fish oil dosage anyway. I assume he/she mentioned how much to take, but sometimes doctors can be vague. You can also find fish oil capsules with 600mg+/pill, liquid forms, or ask your doctor for Lovaza, which is a high concentrate omega-3 prescription. But only go that route if you have health insurance, as otherwise it'd bankrupt you.

I'd also suggest forgetting about your rice days. If you must have rice, go with brown rice and in small portions. Eliminate refined carbs, wheat, cookies, cakes, crackers, bread, rices, and fruit juices (or reduce as much as you can).

There are other medications besides niacin and statins for triglyceride problems, like fibrates, but their mortality rates frankly stink.

And ask your doctor for a lipoprotein test along with Lp(a), c-reactive protein and ****cysteine. There is a good chance you have a lot of small particle LDL due to your very high triglycerides. It might not be a bad idea to ask for a A1c test too, since your glucose is a bit on the high side.

Hope this info is of some help.

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