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Mike's doctor started him off at an extreme dosage of a fairly powerful statin that normally has starting doseage of 5 mg to 10 mg not 40 mg. This is irresponsible but probably due to aggressive marketing and perhaps indirect gratuities. Liptor is pushed aggressively in case you haven't noticed? But if Dr Jarvik says it's good, yu know it's got to be good! And I'll bet he takes a 40 mg dose too.:mad:


Did the doctor ever state why he started you on such a high dose? What was his reasoning?

I have seen several doctors for various ailments and honestly... I find their behavior baffling half the time.

I'm not sure if it's just aggressive marketing or gratuities even. Don't rule out general incompetence. I also have had the privilege of seeing what I call 'stopwatch' doctors on occasion. They appear to have a plan to limit each visit to 2 minutes or less, regardless of the problem. So they give medicine, don't listen to questions or offer advice, then immediately leave the room.

I have had one doctor try to prescribe me a medication I was allergic to. This, in itself, isn't that odd, but the fact I told him I was allergic to it just 15 minutes previously was a bit troubling.

I have had one doctor immediately wish to prescribe me Tricor and no-flush niacin (which has no benefit), without once mentioning diet or exercise to me. Cutting out fruit juices and taking fish oil was all I needed to do to take care of triglycerides.

I had one cardiologist recommend Zetia to raise my HDL (baffling, isn't it?), without mentioning Niacin.

The best thing people can do is become knowledgeable themselves, before seeing a doctor. Then request the tests that are necessary, and inquire about certain treatments. I don't mean to dismiss what doctors recommend, especially for serious problems, but don't always blindly take whatever the doctor suggests either.

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