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[QUOTE=sunshine123;3440870]I used to take fish oil supplements but they made me very nauseous. I've tried all different forms and brands. So, I stopped taking them and I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but my total cholesterol has risen as well as my triglycerides. Will eating fish a few times a week help, or do I need to start taking fish oil supplements again? If so, can anyone recommend a good brand and how many capsules to take a day? Thanks.:confused:[/QUOTE]

Eating fish (salmon) 1-2 times a week might help some. I wouldn't eat fish too much, due to mercury issues, however. I believe you can get relatively clean Alaskan salmon though.

The brands of fish oil I personally like are Nordic Naturals (high concentrate, lemon flavored) and Carlson's liquid. I usually stick with the Carlson's due to price issues and it's easier to drink the oil than swallow tons of pills. It tastes pretty decent too. Anywhere from 1800-3000 mg/daily of Omega 3s should help, depending on what your numbers are.

Other options to consider are enteric capsules, which sort of bypass your stomach. Or perhaps even krill oil, which is lower in omega 3's as compared to fish, but supposedly more bioavailable. Just don't try krill if you are allergic to shellfish.

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