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Re: Vap Results
Feb 14, 2008
love2fishfork, The results of the VAP test really cannot be compared to the results you had from a typical lipids panel. The VAP direct measurements are more accurate than the other test. In my case I had a VAP test done within 1 week of a standard cholesterol test my ldl on the test which estimated LDL was 123 my LDL on the VAP was 168. So it is very possible that your overall numbers have actually improved with your new treatment.

I agree with namelessme overall your numbers are not to bad. But since you have history and a calcium score you need to shoot for great numbers. I personally am a big believer in the strategies put forth by Dr. Davis. Have you ever read any of his articles or considered his Track Your Plaque program?

How long have you been using the niaspan? I've read where it can take up to 6 months to see the full benefits of niacin treatment, so maybe you'll still see some more improvement in HDL and LP (a). Are you using fish oil? The fish oil will help with the TGs and VLDL3. Have you had your Vitamin D3 levels checked? Getting D3 up to optimum levels can help boost the HDL and some are begining to wonder if low D3 could possibly be an independent risk factor for CHD. You may also consider trying a trial period of low grain with no wheat and see if this improves your numbers. This helps some people get the LP (a) down and will also help increase the LDL particle size.

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