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[QUOTE=pisces0301;3453849]Just got my lab work back and here are the results:

TC= 221, LDL= 116, HDL=57, TriG= 242

Are any of these #'s anything to be worried about - I got these on my voicemail and won't be seeing my doc again in 2 weeks. Just from what I have read I know the TC, LDL, and TriG are high, but not seriously high. And I know that my HDL is very good so i feel great about that. Just wondering why the TC would be that high when the LDL isn't real high and my HDL is good. My BP was 140/90 yesterday and I just started my bp meds today.

A regular cholesterol test is very limited in determining heart disease risk. So... regarding your numbers... there is no way to even tell.

You should ask for a lipoprotein test (VAP or NMR), which shows a breakdown of particle sizes, and c-reactive protein and homocysteine tests. You should also get your Lp(a) tested separately, if you choose the NMR test. Your LDL looks decent enough, but you have no way of knowing if 116 is an accurate number. As an example, my LDL via traditional lipid testing was 108. Via a VAP test (which is more accurate), it was 125. So your 116 could very well be 130+. You also don't know if your LDL is small particle size (which is very possible due to your high triglyceride level) or nice fat particles.

Your HDL looks good, and your triglycerides are high, but besides that, you can't tell too much from the numbers.

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