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Re: Niaspan
Mar 19, 2008
[QUOTE=aschichler;3494099]Did the over-the-counter niacin help lower your cholesterol?
I keep hearing different things about that. Some people say that the only kind that works is the prescription kind like Niaspan.


Immediate release niacin or certain sustained released types (Slo-niacin, Enduracin) should be effective too. The type that probably isn't effective is marketed as 'no-flush' niacin, Inositol Hexanicotinate.

If on a limited budget, ask your doctor if you can switch to immediate release (if the flush doesn't bother you) or something like Enduracin. The OTC sustained release types might be as effective as Niaspan, but the data there is limited. I think Enduracin has some clinic studies behind it, at least. Not sure about Slo-Niacin... ask your doc and see what he/she says.

And be sure to get regular blood work, to make sure your liver feels good.

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