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Thanks so much for the positive comments!

Ann...I remember reading and responding to your thread from
a few days ago about your new numbers. I am the one who
asked how many walnuts you had each day. :)
About the only thing I do that you didn't mention is consume
wine. After reading about the mounting evidence that wine
helps cholesterol, I increased my intake from 4 oz. of wine
a couple times a week, and 2 glasses on Friday night (habit
for the past MANY years) to drinking 4 oz. Monday thru Thursday
and my usual 2 glasses on Friday.
Here's to continued success for both of us!

DMER...I hope the following is helpful.

Last April I was in the process of losing the 10 to 15 pounds
I had gained when I quit smoking 2 years before. I weighed in the
low 140's....not sure how much as I was so upset for gaining in the
first place. I have lost 10 to 14 pounds since last April currently
weighing 128.

Last April I was trying to walk every day (have treadmill) but
according to my charting, I walked on average 4 times a week.
Now I walk 2 miles six days a week. Not a lot of exercise compared
to lots of folks, but lots more that I used to get since weight was
never a problem for me in years past.

[U]My diet[/U]--
Breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries, mixed
berries (blackberry, raspberry, strawberry), one fourth teaspoon
cinnamon, scant sugar sprinkled on top.
This is delicious...If I happen to miss breakfast, I will have this
combo for either lunch or snack.
A cup of black coffee

Lunch: mixed veggies (peas, carrots, corn), half cup (heaping)
broccoli, half cup beans (usually pinto, great northern, or navy) that I
have added a can of tomato sauce, onion, and a dash of three spices.
One Quaker chewy granola bar. Diet coke (could not give it up)

Afternoon snack: banana and just under fourth cup walnuts.
Later in the afternoon, a cup of green tea made with 2 teabags.

Dinner: wine while I prepare a large tossed salad
(lettuce, green pepper, radishes, cucumber, tomatoes) topped
with low fat cheese and one egg (half the yellow thrown away).
I use a half and half mixture of fat free and light Ranch dressing
Hubby loves red rice and beans, so I have a half cup. Twice a week
I have salmon, canned chicken of the sea. Easy and quite tasty.
8oz. orange juice.

Calories total about 1300 or so depending on serving size.

I think I should add I do NOT deprive myself of things I love.
Life would not be worth living if I could not have the occasional
blizzard or cheeseburger or pizza or whatever.
Also, once a week I have a cheat dinner. Usually Italian including
buttered garlic bread.

To sum it up, each day I make every effort to have the following
because I have read that they have helped many people lower

-oatmeal with fruit
-green tea
-one piece dark chocolate
-4 oz. red wine
-8 oz. orange juice
-citracal (low dosage)
I really don't know which if any of these helped, but I plan to
continue with all of them.

If I can answer any more questions, I would be happy to!

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