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Yes, chronically low HDL is a dangerous thing. I'm living proof (thank god, after a 99% blockage in a major coronary artery at age 53).

It is probably more dangerous than high LDL in my opinion (and if I'm remembering correctly, there has been at least one study substantiating that opinion).

Please don't try to avoid all, or even most, fat in your diet; you only need to minimize saturated fat, e.g. the kind found in abundance in milk, butter, cheese, fatty cuts of beef and pork, etc. You probably need to increase the kind of fat you find in olive oil, canola oil, [U]natural[/U] peanut butter, almonds, avocados, etc.

The only thing that increased my HDL was the B vitamin niacin. In the high doses that are generally required to increase HDL, it can have side effects so educate yourself carefully before trying it; personally, I would not do so except under the supervision of a doctor.

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