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:confused:Hi Everyone -

I just took my first dose of 10 mg Lipitor this morning. Then logged on, and I started reading a few of the older post and now have given my self a panic attack. TGFK!

I noticed today that my head has itched, and I have had itchy skin, and I read that is a possible side effects… after one day? The symptoms everyone is describing sound horrible. I have a lot of the symptoms anyway!

I am also set up to have a CAT scan on Wednesday for pain in upper right abdomen area. I am having a hard twitching pinching pain occasionally, and just feel sore and bloated in the area. I am thinking gall bladder. Could the High Cholesterol and gall bladder problems be related? I am also peri-mental-pausal (spelled that way on purpose), no period since March 6.

Should I call my dr, and ask to start out on a 5 mg, or maybe try diet and exercise first?

Thanks to all who are interested!


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