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A word of caution...My OH had been taking Niacin, for just around 10 days now. He also purchased it at his doctors suggestion over the counter...100mgs dosage. Well he ended up at E.R. the other night with what appears to be an extreme reaction. All I will say is hubbie (45) also has a pacemaker, and his symptoms were like a heart attack. He had severe flushing, he was dizzy, sweating, slurred speech etc. After placing him on a heart monitor, E.R. doc asks him to take another Niacin effect though. E.R doc wanted him to stay overnight, but stubborn said he'd come back in the morning and see the intern. The intern concluded that indeed it was a Niacin reaction, but that the aspirin he takes in conjunction with the Niacin had prevented a repeat performance. The Docs advise was to take the aspirin at least half an hour BEFORE taking the Niacin, but suggested that my hubbie consult back with the family physician and get prescribed the slow release stuff.
So Please take your asprin half an hour before you take your Niacin ;). Needless to say hubbie isn't taking the Niacin :D
Thanks for your information and concern. I guess all of us are different in what we can each expect. You stated your husband has a pacemaker. Well I am not there yet thank God. I am 52 and otherwise very healthy. I exercise at least 3 times per week doing cardio and I take no prescription drugs.
I am presently up to 750 mg. of immediate release niacin per day. Any idea how much aspirin did they say to take before the niacin? one 325mg?
My understanding about niacin is that the only form that really works to raise your HDL is the immediate release which many people can't tolerate. I get minor flushing right now after taking IR niacin for three weeks.

I plan to get tested for my annual physical the 1st week in June using the VAP blood test. I am hoping for even better results this time due to RYR supplementation at night and the niacin.

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