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Yep. I basically eliminated all grains at one time, and while it helped triglycerides some, it didn't really help my particle sizes or HDL much. I currently eat a small amount of grains, since the difference between complete elimination and a small amount appears to have a negligible effect, if any at all.

When taking fish oil + decent diet, my triglycerides tend to hover around what is considered normal, 150. Sometimes it's a little lower, or higher, but on average, it's usually around that number. Ideally, it'd be under 100, but it's better than when I started, which was 250+. This was about 2 years or so ago, and during that whole time, I can't seem to make much headway with HDL or LDL particle sizes.

The thing that frustrates me is the lack of improvement, even with the over 100 point drop in triglycerides. One would think I'd see at least a little boost in HDL or bigger LDL. It's almost like my blood has a mind of it's own and won't listen to reason. Old examples:

Overlooking the fact that niacin seemed to lower my HDL... one time I cut out all fruit juices for 3 months as an experiment to lower triglycerides, and they went up about 50 pts.

I add extra fish oil + vitamin D, and see no improvement in particle sizes or HDL, but LDL goes up. I exercise like crazy for 3 months, and my HDL goes from 28 to 29. I get sick for like 2 months straight, don't exercise at all, and I get my highest reading at 35.

I'll give niacin one more shot and see how it goes. I've looked into other alternatives, including pantethene (so-so data), sytrinol (no real data), krill oil (doesn't work, I tried it), amla (looks iffy), and fibrates (lousy mortality rates), so I'm not sure what I can even try if niacin fails again.

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