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Hello all, new here. I am a 36 y/o female. Been on atenolol for nearly 3 years for High blood pressure (It was 139/86 when starting it, now is 120/60). So, there is one risk factor albeit small. I could stand to lose about 30 lbs. There's another factor... Lately my dr. has been hounding me about my cholesterol. For many years (tested overseas & here in the states years apart) it was 252 with the HDL at 63.

about 2 years ago he tested me at 205 w/HDL at 62 (I think the tri was around 81) This year I was at 217 w/HDL at 65 & he's in a panic. That 205 followed 3 months of very strictly followed cardio & weight lifting regimens I put myself up to so I could lose a few pounds before a trip to Hawaii!

He went so far as to mail me a "cholesterol diet" which really consisted of my normal eating habits. Do I really need to follow his panic here? I have started walking & incorporating more fruits & veggies into my diet of late, but I don't think I need to jump on his bandwagon. THe idea of going on meds for cholesterol is really frightening me, especially when I don't see need. Any thoughts from you knowledgeable posters?


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