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I posted a few days ago with my lipid profile results which included
triglycerides of 40
At first I thought that might be good. But, the more reading I have done, it seems to possibly signal a lipid disorder. In fact there was a Heart and Lung Assoc. test calling for people with tri's under 50 to enroll in a study.
Does anyone know anything about low tri's or have low tri's themselves??
I read a cause could be hyperthyroid (I am hypo)
or malnourishment and starvation-thankfully, these are not applicable.
I also have very low TRIG levels. Here are the results of my latest cholestrol screen. I am 34 years old, active, 6'5", 210 lbs. Last time I had a cholesterol screen about three years ago, the results were the very similar, although I think the TRIG was in the low 30s. I have no health problems and take no medication besides multivitamins/gloucosamine/Chondritin. Any info you have about this I would love to hear!

TRIG - 37
CHOL - 119
HDLD - 38
VLDL-calcu - 7
LDL-calcu - 74
Chol/HDLD - 3.1

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