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[QUOTE=The Mayor;3619250]taffyboyo, My triglyceride readings are as follows:

Aug. 2007= 102
June 2008= 82


Not outstanding but proportional. That's good.
The boss indoors dropped her Trig's from 123.9 to 70.8 after six months of the 'recipe' and have now levelled out, as have all her readings.

TC/HDL ratio of 4.33, LDL/HDL ratio of 2.87 and HDL of 39 (>35 low risk for adult male of your age). You will find that your ratios will improve even more after another couple of months and then level out, as I believe you said you have been on my 'recipe' for two months.

Retest in six months, having dropped the Niacin now, but taking up as you say, one small glass of high in resveratrol red wine. (The French Pinot Noir grape cannot be beaten for anti-oxidants, the red wine polyphenols, anthrocyanidins and resveratrol.) Go for it and enjoy at the same time.

One other thing: If you only fancy red wine every other day, then get your better half to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil and only 'EVOO' with salads and for cooking fryups (I've got used to it now). Tip: Try to find 'EVOO' manufactured in Crete. Proven to not only to increase your HDL, but also to lower your LDL. (Everything helps.)

Your HDL will not decrease by ceasing the Niacin and continuing the 'recipe'.

Speak soon.


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