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[QUOTE=taffyboyo;3621169]Mayor my friend,

I do not know the chemical makeup of the resveratrol tabs/capsules. Maybe someone else can provide info on this for you.
However, I will bet you now that a lot of the components of the Pinot based wine have been stripped from the tabs, probably rendering them next to useless.

Anti-oxidants, polyphenols, anthrocyanidins and resveratrol, not just dried up resveratrol is what you need. Read some study results from Spain, France and Italy. There is also a fair amount of info on this board on how red wine affects HDL.

You could try a grape/wine extract with resveratrol, if you wanted to. I'm not sure if it'll help HDL much, but it possibly could have some benefits. Keep in mind that resveratrol, if it has heart benefits in humans, probably does so by some other method than raising HDL. Also keep in mind there have been few studies with resveratrol on humans yet, except for a small study done by the Sirtus people, for their resveratrol-based prescription drug. To get life extending benefits (if the rodent studies can be extrapolated to humans), you'll need large doses... probably around 400mg-2 grams daily. Who knows if those doses have side effects in humans either.

A glass of red wine daily isn't a bad idea, unless you can't drink alcohol. Not sure why Taffy says to drop the niacin, but that's up to you. Before you went on niacin, what was your HDL at? If it was super low before niacin, it might be smart to stay on it. But a reading of 39 isn't so terrible really, so long as you have no other risk factors and nice LDL particles. Your Lp(a) normal? I can't tell by the number you gave, since various tests use different scales.

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