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I do not strictly adhere to any particular diet, although I tend to favor one which is consistent with a reduced intake of carbohydrates. What I am strict about is my exclusion of sugary junk foods and unhealthy snacks, such as desserts, cookies, cakes, pastries, donuts, etc. If I do have dessert, it will be in the form of some fruit. If I feel like eating a snack at night, it will usually consist of lightly salted mixed nuts. For breakfast I usually eat either oatmeal or eggs, and only occasionally will I drink milk. For the most part I brown-bag my lunches, which often includes sardines in olive oil twice a week, and always one or two pieces of fruit. Dinners usually consist of having fish two or three times a week, pasta maybe once, and either beef or chicken the rest of the time. For exercise, I'll generally just walk three times a week for a minimum of 2 miles. I also enjoy having a couple of drinks each day.

As for the supplements, I have never sat down and figured out exactly how much they are costing me each month, but I don't by any means consider them to be prohibitively expensive. I order the majority of them from a reputable supplier and am able to obtain them at a reasonable price.

Please understand that I am taking these supplements as part of my own preventative maintenance program because I believe in their value in maintaining optimum health, strengthening the immune system, and improving cardiovascular health. The fact that my HDL climbed to over 100 and the ratio improved considerably was an added benefit which left me pleasantly surprised. In any case, I must be doing something right.

These are the supplements which I currently take on a daily basis:

1000 units vitamin E
2000 mg vitamin C (as Ester C)*
B-100 complex (time release)
25,000 units beta carotene
4 mg folic acid *
1000 mcg vitamin B-12
750 mg niacin *
200 mcg selenium
50 mg zinc
100 mg hydrosoluble alpha lipoic acid
60 mg hydrosoluble coenzyme Q-10
3 essential oils capsules
One enteric coated garlic tablet standardized for 6000 mcg allicin

* Taken in divided doses over the course of the day.

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