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[quote]Originally posted by berg0449:
[b]I have results and I am wondering if I should start meds like the doctor is talking about. This is the second test, seperated by about a year, with same results. I believe she is correct, whats your opinions? In the test reply she talked about lopid. I am waiting a call-back to find more about what she wants.

TC - 194 (mine test lists this a just Cholecterol?)
Triglycerides - 338
HDL - 30
LDL-c - 96
VLDL - 3.2
TC/HDL ratio - 6.46
LDL/HDL - 3.2
Blood sugar (fasting) - 100

TC = Total Cholesterol. You have high triglycerides, low HDL, high triglyceride/HDL ratio of 11.3 (normal is 5.0, optimum is < 2.0), and moderately high fasting bloodsugar (normal is 70-90 mg/dl). Are you overweight? Do you have high bloodpressure?

All of the above are the classic symptoms of Syndrome X. Metabolic Syndrome X is a cluster of symptoms that greatly increases your risk of heart disease. Syndrome X is associated with insulin resistance. These symptoms are usually associated with a seditary lifestyle and a diet that is relatively high in carbohydrates (sugars, breads, cakes, cereal, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruit, etc.) and low in protein and animal fats (meats, eggs, full fat dairy, etc.). Look at your diet and lifestyle and see if it fits this pattern. If it does and you want to improve those numbers, then change your lifestyle and diet to one that includes more activity, more whole natural foods including meat, eggs, full fat dairy, and non-starchy vegetables, and less of the processed and high carbohydrate foods so commonly available today.

For more information, do a search on Syndrome X and insulin resistance on any good search engine such as

Cholesterol lowering medications treat the symptom, not the cause. If you want to fix the root cause of the problem, then you will have to adjust your diet and lifestyle to one that is more natural and healthy.


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