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"Claims that herbal products are better because they're found in nature, whereas synthetic materials are man made and so are more dangerous isn't logical."

These claims arenít made just because the drugs arenít natural, theyíre made through experience. This is why once someone has converted to holistic medicine, they will never switch back. Most people who try holistic medicine are satisfied (and they live much longer, healthier lives). Just because the FDA doesnít do studies on natural medications doesnít mean they donít work. However, I do agree with the fact that people should know what natural medication contains. This is important to prevent substance interactions, allergic reactions, and an intolerance to a certain substance (ex: lactose intolerance, there are some people that canít handle certain B vitamins because their brain doesnít have an enzyme to break it down). The quality of a plant is also important. For example, there are over 130 different types of garlic (240 + different types of Aloe Vera plants). Some are more effective than others. The fact of the matter is that most medications that doctors give donít work (and they do give worse side effects). Iím just looking at the information objectively based on experience. No amount of drugs in the world is going to fix a nutrition deficiency (many problems are just nutritional problems). Most of the time doctors donít even educate patients on different issues (most doctors just say, take this medicine, itíll make you better. When the patient complains that itís not helping, the doctors claim, itís psychological. When a patient asks a question, the doctor hardly answers the question).

ďWhat is relevant in proving the curative value of any treatment is whether the treatment can be shown to work in rigorously controlled, objectively interpreted independent clinical trials, which are then used to show that clinical care and medicines used are sound, scientific, effective, not harmful, and beneficial.Ē

Just because the FDA doesnít do clinical trials on a natural herb doesnít mean that herb doesnít work. There are many different studies done on different forms of holistic medicine. There are many rigorously controlled, objectively interpreted independent clinical trials done in China (and the standards in China are much stricter than the standards here), and China has found that Holistic medicine is much better than conventional medicine.

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