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Re: Lab Numbers
Dec 4, 2002
The thing about Niaspan,is 2 big reasons.The first is cost.Niaspan is by prescription and insurance covers it.I take 1500mg/day.I get a 90 day supply for $35.00.240 pills at 750mg.The over the counter stuff is not covered by insurance and a bottle of it is around $30.00 for 50 pills at 500mg.The cost is way too much.
The second thing is twofold.The over the counter niacin has not been tested with other medications that a person may be on.I know niacin has been,but the over the counter niacin has different additional chemicals in it.That brings into question the purity of what you are getting.As an example one company that sells the flush free niacin has 500mg of niacin and 160mg of inositol,while another added chloride to the mix.Those things have not been tested against other possible medications.It is not prudent to take the dosage required to do any good if there is doubt as to how it affects any other medications.
Re: Lab Numbers
Dec 4, 2002
You have seen niacin selling at $30.00 for 50 pills at 500mg? That IS rather pricey! Where I normally purchase my niacin, I can get 1000 250mg tablets of ordinary niacin for $18.90. That would mean a five and a half month supply at 1500mg/day. Or, if I wanted to buy the time-release version, I can get 720 250mg pills for $25.60, which would be the equivalent of a four month supply. My no-flush niacin (containing 500mg niacin/68mg inositol) sells for $11.97 for 100 capsules.

I feel that whether you purchase Niaspan or another over the counter product, there are no doubt going to be some other fillers or binders present in the product. There has to be, otherwise the tablet wouldn't stay together. Since Niaspan is a time-release form of niacin, it most likely contains other ingedients as well, since it must be formulated to allow for a very slow, sustained release over several hours.

You said that the Niaspan you are using costs $35.00 for a three month supply. Is that what you pay out of pocket, or is that the total cost, and insurance ends up picking up most of the tab? Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to discourage you from using it, as I understand that it is a quality product. Since you are obtaining it by prescription, and insurance is picking up most of that cost, then yes, cost-wise it probably would be to your advantage. By the way, since it is a slow time-release formulation, do you ever experience any skin flushing from it?

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