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Re: Lab Numbers
Dec 4, 2002
[quote] 182 over all, 164 trig, 30 HDL, 119 LDL. My Doctor said the HDL is very very low. Suggest exercise and niaspan. Anyone used it before and / or had luck. I'm male 49 /healthy
Thanks [/B][/quote]

At 32 yrs old, I was still exercising 2-3 times weekly, albeit I had uncontrolled high bp, and was overweight by 20-30 lbs. My cholesterol was around 270, and my HDL around 35. As I approached 35, I quit exercising, my total cholesterol was <200, but my HDL went to 30, then 29, then 25 by March of this year. In March I had a heart attack, my RCA was 99 percent blocked, my LAD was 50% blocked, and was 90% blocked in July of this year. Meanwhile, my total cholesterol plummeted down to 96, then 100, then 94. My HDL crept up slowly to around 30. My highest mark so far came last month, thanks to the addition of Niacin. My HDL was 37. MY LDL has been, at its highest 58 in the last 3 blood draws. A significant amount of this is also due to diet. Your triglycerides are on the border, and probably high by todays standards (I think its a 150-155 cutoff now). Hopefully the Niacin helps you a little there. If not, its highly likely a slight change in diet will send that triglycerides right down, and certainly exercise should.

Niacin not only helps raise the HDL, it helps you produce larger particle size LDL and HDL. Granted this is all more novel type of risk factors, but its the only rationale they can give me now for my problem.

We are never too young to start impacting our health. In your shoes, I would do both exercise and niaspan/niacin to help out. You might experience some flushing and they will probably watch your liver enzymes while you are on it; however, the risks of not employing all available tools are too great, in my opinon.

I would take your doctors advice very seriously, its the kind of advice that I wish that I would have heeded years ago.

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