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At first, when I read your comments and writings, I considered ALL you wrote. However, after many months of reading on this site, you set me on fire with your comment of the SMALL percentage of people who have been seriously damaged by statin use. You must know that most doctors aren't submitting the accounts of ill effects statins caused their patients!!!!! I am shaking with rage at your pompousness! Unfortunately the drug companies have so much power they and the majority of doctors, are keeping the numbers of victims of statins under the table.
My sister in law has been in such terrible pain from the use of lipitor that she had to take pain medication before she could get out of bed. She is not a person to complain about health so I knew this was MAJOR!
Aside from the digestive problems she developed shortly after starting that drug, she developed serious hip pain...then memory problems ,then all over pain esp. a frozen shoulder, and balance problems. She had been on lipitor for at least 3 yrs. She was down to 98 lbs. when her daughter spoke with the Dr. about me wanting her to consult with him about lipitor. Mind you I had told them more than a year ago to do this but it was pooh poohed! Well, the dr. did admit it could be the lipitor (read statin literature accompanied with the prescription ). Anyway, her quality of life was such, that she had no reason to go on. She DID stop the lipitor and has less pain, put on 16 lbs, can again use her sewing machine (a wee bit....can't thread it anymore....but still has a good deal of pain and memory problems. I'm trying to convince her family to try Co Q10.
I would NEVER tell anyone to stop statins if they have heart disease but I sure would tell them to use Co Q10 AND CUT OUT ALL THE CARBS THEY CAN!!!!!It certainly will help with their general health in any event.
Believe it ..her DR. didn't report this to anyone: and imagine this happening to thousands and thousands more...... 1 percent???????? YOU know that figure is absolutely UNTRUE !!!!!

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