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Most cholesterol is manufactured in the liver, not acquired from food. The differences among people in cholesterol levels are mainly due to differences in the amount the liver produces, not to differences in diet. Further, cholesterol in the diet inhibits cholesterol production by the liver. Low cholesterol diets can therefore INCREASE the liver's production of cholesterol and, in some people, INCREASE cholesterols levels in the blood. Prescription statins such as Lipitor act on a particular metabolic step in the liver to reduce the liver's manufacture of cholesterol. However, statins can have damaging effects on the liver and on muscles. After the first year on a prescription statin, muscle and liver enzymes should be monitored at least once a year and preferably, every 6 months. At least 30 controlled studies in the medical literature show that 20 mg daily of the supplement Policosanol (which should be taken in the evening because the liver manufactures cholesterol at night) is just as effective as prescription statins in lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol and more effective in raising HDL (good) cholesterol, but has only beneficial side effects (e.g., increased oxygen supply to muscles). Policosanol acts at a different metabolic step in the liver than prescription statins to inhibit cholesterol production and can be safely taken along with a prescription statin. Anyone on a prescription statin or policosanol (or both) should take 100 mg daily of Q-Gel, which is a form of Co-enzyme Q-10 (a vitamin that is critical in cellular metabolism) that is 100% bioavailable (compared to 30% availability of other forms of Co-enzyme Q-10). You can look for the best price online of policosanol or Q-Gel 100 mg by entering the terms in a Google search.
[quote]Originally posted by Gooba:
[b]Along with the Dr/Drug company collusion.My point about going to the Dr,is not that they just go.It is that they cannot afford alot of the medication that is needed and the Dr is able to hand out samples to help them out.EVERY TIME I go to the Dr,I see at least 5 people come in while I am there picking up samples.I think it is a good thing to do for those who cannot afford it.I just hate it when people have a problem with that.(snip) Just base your decision on your current situation and make an informed decision based on ALL of the available information,in consultation with your Dr.It has to be a decision that both you,your family and your Dr agree to. [/b][/quote]

Although I agree that to a certain extent the drug companies are helping people by supplying the doctors with samples (On more than one occasion, I have gotten samples from my dr. when I have accidentally run out of a prescription that I get through mail order), I'm sure you agree that the main motivation of the drug companies is to push their product. When was the last time a doctor recommended a natural remedy (such as polycosanol) to anyone reading this? The drugs are already in the office, are free, so that is what is tried first.

I toatally agree with your last statement, however, there are still a lot of doctors around who haven't gotten the message that the patient needs to be involved and consulted in a course of treatment. In general, when I go to a doctor, I already know what I want or need, because I have done research on the condition. Fortunately, the doctor I have now encourages and appreciates that, but that is certainly not the case with many doctors. There are several times I have been asked by a doctor "where did you get your medical license" when I suggest an alternate treatment or diagnosis. This is why it took 5 years to get a doctor to prescribe Niaspan for me. In addition, there a an awful lot of people out there who are not educated or motivated enough to really understand what is wrong with them or how they are being treated, or are intimidated by doctors. They just blindly do or take whatever the doctor says. These people are the ones that are in the most danger when they are given a drug (such as a statin) that does have proven, severe, side effects. Most doctors now are in such a hurry because of the HMO situation that they cannot take the time to fully explain things like this. (I would bet that my doctor sees 75 people a day. Sometimes he looks so haggard that I think HE needs to see a doctor) And these patients are more likely the ones who will continue to take something that is hurting them, because they think the doctor would never give them something that would hurt them.

I don't think there is any "conspiracy" to push these drugs, but the drug companies certainly make it convenient for the doctors to use them.

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