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My history is that I am a 36 year old male, that suffered a MI in March of this year. Prior to this I was diagnosed with diabetes in November 2000. I had uncontrolled hypertension from 1992-1997. In 1997, I had a routine job physical and my cholesterol was 269 and triglycerides were >400. I went onto Tricor at that time. My weight was consistently 215-225. The tricor brought the total cholesterol to around 200 over the period of 1997-2002, when I had the heart attack. My HDL-C was continually dropping each year until it reached a low of 25 earlier this year. After the heart attack, I changed my diet significantly to one that excluded red meats, and added in large amounts of vegetables, fibers, and nuts, especially soy. My weight has dropped down to 180 now, but more importantly, my last 6 mos of cholesterol readings have all been sub 100 total. (LDL-C of 44-58, HDL from 30-37, triglycerides <60 mg/dL)

Granted, some of this ability to produce such lower cholesterol values is going to be genetic, but I firmly believe in the literature which suggests that saturated fats are most detrimental to your cholesterol, and monosaturated, followed by polyunsaturated fats are much preferable. I don't use any specific diet--I simply educated myself by reading the literature. If you decide to give a low fat diet a try, I certainly wish you success. I have found that I thoroughly enjoy my diet now and don't miss the red meat at all. During a typical week, I may eat fish 2-3 nights a week, chicken about twice,and we eat vegetarian/soy the remainder of the nights.

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