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I was able to take my total cholesterol from 269 down to 94 in about a year. At 269, I had a sedentary lifestyle, was eating fast food 2-3 times per week. Additionally, my diet consisted of 5-6 days a week of red meat. I was eating only one meal a day--dinner.

I made my change by going to a low fat (mainly saturated) way of eating as my lifestyle change. I did cut down on the overall carbs, and treat myself to sugar once a week now. Anyway, my triglycerides were also running over 400 uncontrolled, and I needed tricor to get them in the 100-155 range. My last reading, without tricor even, was 53 mg/dL.

With respect to your question on sat fat versus cholesterol...I do not worry too greatly about the cholesterol content in most foods. Generally, when you eat low saturated fats, you aren't going to be eating a significant amount of cholesterol. I still avoid egg yolks now, and eat shrimp sparingly and infrequently. I watch the saturated fats mainly, and try to keep that as low as I can.

My diet now consists of 4 oz fish, twice per week, and chicken (4 oz) twice per week. Two nights are soy or some other vegetarian based meals. The final night, Friday, is a free night, and I usually eat chicken or vegetarian when we go out.

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