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Hello, Are you sure your diet is low fat? The same thing happened to me, but I didn't have high trigs. I just had high cholesterol and high LDL. I thought I was eating a low fat diet, which was mostly vegetarian. (I only ate less than one serving of meat at lunch.)When I made a food diary and figured out the total calories and total fat intake, I discovered it was a high fat diet. The fat came from the whole milk cheese at breakfast and the regular creamy salad dressing for supper. Here's what I was eating...Bkf- 12 oz. O.J., 2 slices of toast with cheese and hot peppers; Lunch- Rice and 2 chicken wings or 2 pieces of pork hock, and juice; Supper- Water and a BIG mixing bowel filled with romaine, 1 apple, rasins, peanuts, and full fat mayo. Oh I forgot the most important down fall, which I know I'm going to get busted beacause of all the carbs in addition to the fat, was the once a week take-out orders from the Chinese Restaurant, (tofu and vegetables, like that is low fat...yeah, in my dreams maybe.) pizza, or burger and fries and an occational duck. So I wasn't as good as I thought, but I wasn't overweight either.
Now I eat differently. A typical day for me would be...Bkf- 1 coffie, 2 slices of toast with lite margarine or lite cream cheese; Lunch- Diet soda or selzer water, fat free turkey or low fat bacon or vegetable sandwich, (Vegetable sandwich is a cucumber or pepper sandwich, not a vegie burger.) 1 serving of fruit or carrots, and baked or fat-free chips; Supper- Extremely lean broiled meat or broiled seafood or vetarian meat substitute,(3 oz.) 1 serving of mashed potatoes made with lite margarine and water or brown rice, and a salad with fat-free dressing and water with the meat or wine with the seafood; (3-4 time a week I have pasta with a salad for supper.) Mid-morning snack- low-fat cereal bar or seaweed or rice cake; Night-time snack- 94% fat-free popcorn or fat free ice-cream and water. Now my cholester is down to 176. I still exercise, but I make sure I get in 45-60 minutes of strenuous exercise at night. (Night-time exercising works out best for me, it doesn't mean that's the thing to do.) The important thing is the amount of vigoruous exercise.


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