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I posted a week or so ago and got some good advice from some of you. Thanks for that! :)

I have high cholesterol and am a 39 year old woman...numbers specifically are:

TC = 321
HDL = 58
LDL = 184
Tri = 393

I've been on and off statins for few years, can't take them due to muscle pain, am trying the "natural" route now with my Doc's blessing.

So yikes! I've been reading, and now am SO CONFUSED. Most websites are pushing the supplements that they sell (of course), but then you go to other websites, and they completely contradict the first! One doctor's website says one thing, yet some other one will say differently! Help! [img][/img]

Tomorrow we're going to town (I live in a small community) so I'm going to the Health Food/Nutrition Supplement store. I've been reading and reading and reading for a week now, trying to educate myself on what to take to lower my cholesterol. This is my plan so far:

Going to take polinisocol (spelling?) 20 mg per day. (anyone have any specific brand recommendations?)

Going to take fish oil...I'm going to try to find Carlson's fish oil capsules. Arkie had suggested that Carlson's was the best in the bottle form, but I really, really, really, hate fish (I know, this isn't supposed to taste fishy) but I still want to try the capsules. Anyone know any reason why the capsules shouldn't work as well as the oil in the bottle? How much of this should I take a day? I read some good info on the Mercola website, but of course, they are selling stuff. So are most of the other websites I've read. So I don't know who to believe, you know? doc said not to take more than 100 - 200 mg per day. But others are saying to take 1000 mg or more. Not sure what to do here. Skip it? Use it?

Garlic...going to skip it...from what I've read, it's not all that great at lowering numbers.

I'm already taking fiber therapy...(metamucil) to lower my numbers.

Ever heard of COQ10 I think it's called? I've read about that, saying that people with high cholesterol should take that. ?????

I am taking Vitamin E supplements as per my doctors request.

Any SPECIFIC suggestions would be great. I know some of you are very knowledgeable on these matters. I really, really want to stay off of the statins this time! Thanks for reading this, and thanks for any comments.

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