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[quote]Originally posted by 32skater:
[b]... started taking the policosanol and the Niacin Flush Free.[/b][/quote]

Skater, what was your policosanol and niacin dosage? Also, curious as to what brand of policosanol you used.

I have not taken policosanol by itself. I have taken Zocor for 7 years. My numbers in that span ranged as follows: 175-210 Total, 140-165 LDL and 30-31 HDL.

After the addition of 20mg/day of straight policosanol, all subsequent profiles have ranged 148-155 Total, 98-120 LDL, and 40-41 HDL.

It obviously does not work this well for everyone, but it has been very good for me. Perhaps some studies should be done on the specific benefits it offers as an adjunct to statins.

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