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Mandie, Hunter is correct about the ratios being far more important than a total cholesterol number. So many people needlessly worry about this one number without realizing that there is much more to it than that. Your triglycerides are not bad. I don't know what your HDL is, but a desirable TC/HDL ratio should be 4.0 or less. Look at it this way: suppose one person has a total cholesterol level of 175, and an HDL of 30. That person's ratio would be 5.8, which translates to a higher risk. This person would be at a higher risk than someone else who has a total cholesterol of 250, and an HDL of 65, since the ratio would only be 3.8. So please try not to focus so much on a total cholesterol number. You can often be more successful in lowering your overall risk by making attempts to raise your HDL while keeping triglycerides down.

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