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[quote]Originally posted by DebbieZ:
[b]My recent numbers were astounding to me. Here they are: Cholesterol - 321
Trigs - 270
LDL - 200
HDL - 67
Ratio - 4.8 (Average Risk)[/b][/quote]

Did your physician speak with you about your results? Anyway, my thoughts are that the cholesterol value above is a bit higher than optimal. I notice your triglycerides are certainly above the norm at 270. Today, the normal cutoff on triglycerides is 155. If you search the forums here, you should find some suggestions for lowering triglycerides, and I believe a good first course of action is to reduce your sugar/carbohydrate intake. If that does not get the triglyceride value down, I would then ask your physician about the possibility of adding medication (such as Tricor, for example).

Your HDL is fantastic, but your LDL is considered high. For people without previous cardiac events, or with no family history of CAD, the recommended LDL is <130 mg/dL. Your 4.8 ratio is average risk; however, that is only one assessment of risk. You have to keep it in perspective that the for example, the LDL, or even the triglycerides alone indicate an elevated risk.

Lipoprotein - 12.9 (normal value)
C-Reactive Protein (Highly Sensitive) - 2.2
ESR - 27
Postive HLA-B27


The lp (a) looks OK, but the hs-CRP (I am guessing you had hs-CRP rather than a standard CRP test) indicates inflammation and ESR (indicates infection) appear to be a bit on the high side. The HLA-B27 + is most likely linked to what you mentioned about ankylosing spondylitis).

As far as risk factors for heart disease, elevated C-reactive protein has been found to be an independent risk factor for CAD. The normal hs-CRP range is <1.1 mg/dL, with optimal <0.1 mg/dL. I have run across literature where statins may help lower hs-CRP as well as aspirin. Personally, I can't pinpoint a single factor that alone reduced hs-CRP in my case. A by-product of my MI is that I take aspirin each day. I did run across a study showing that high doses (325mg) of aspirin lowered hs-CRP significantly; the same study showed that 81 mg aspirin did not have an effect. In addition to the aspirin, the weight loss, lower sat fat/carb diet and exercise program that I have most likely contribute significantly to keeping my hs-CRP down to 0.1-0.2 now.

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