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I'm not sure if this is working yet but I have worked my way up to 3000mg non-flush Niacin and some Lethacin. I haven't heard of anyone else taking Lethacin but it does state that it lowers cholesteral and my father's doctor put him on it. I was on Lipitor for a couple of months last summer and am just now beginning to work the side effects out of my system so Statins are not a viable option. I take 300mg CoQ10 and Naproxen to rebuild my muscle system. It's been almost two months since I began this treatment and I'm going to go for a bloodtest at the three month mark.I am overweight and struggle every day with my diet(night time is the worse). Prior to Lipitor I had brought my total count down to a high almost normal by dieting and exercise alone. After beginning Lipitor, I could no longer exercise and I found myself compulsively eating at night. (I think to try to find comfort in my pain). My cholesteral shot up again. Anyway...I'll know next month if what I'm doing is working.

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