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I need to know if anyone has heard of alfalfa for helping our numbers go down. I went to numerous health food stores today looking for something to take, and they all had these formulas with alfalfa and niacin. THis was never told to me , so of course, I did not buy it until I checked with all of you. It sure seems easy to take 2 pills a day, without any side affects, but it sounds too good to be true. Please, if anyone has any info on this I would be appreciative. Right now I am taking guggl lipid, fish oil and odor free garlic pills I have absolutely no idea if this is doing anything to help me and this really frustrates me. I wish there was a easier way than a fasting blood test to know if the treatment you have chosen is working for you. I know that the insurance is not going to let me take a blood test every month- does anyone have any other alternatives in finding your results? It would be easier If I could monitor each treatment for about a month to see if it is helping me, and if not, go on to another, Instead, I have to wait 3 months to see any results in each treatment plan. By then, if the plan is not working, my numbers could be thru the roof and really upset me. THere must be another way- So, please let me know about this and the alfalfa- thanks M

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