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thanks for the reply. I do think I've been eating too many carbs, but have been doing so all my life. Rice, pasta, breads (but no refined sugar). In the last 3 years, if anything, I've modified my diet to include more fish (at least once a week), more veggies, more fruit. I do not eat much red meat but a lot of poultry.

What I wonder is if a 20 mg drop in HDL isn't quite a lot for a 3 year period.

Thanks for the info on how some of the cholesterol fractions are calculated. As I understnd it, the wet chemistry gives the total, HDL and TRIG levels and the LDL (and VLDL) is then calcuated by formula. This means that if they messed up the HDL number in the lab, the LDL would be off too. I'm going to get another test!

My glucose came out 70 using that finger prick test, but on the blood work study (where they measured my cholesterol) it came out 89, another big difference. I think the boys in the lab may be sleeping on the job...

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