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Check the ingredients lable on everything! Look for the words "partially hydrogenanted oils" and avoid this like trans fats. I don't understand why this was not banned with trans fats, they have been around for years and I was warned 20 years ago to avoid partially hydroganated oils. You are better off with the old fashioned fats like real butter and lard. Anything tampered with by man is NOT good for you.

You left oatmeal off your list so if you like that, add it to your list as good for you. Omega 3 fish oil is good for you. Flax seed is good for you.. Just look all over the web and find the foods that are good for high cholesterol and help lower it naturally.

Eating healthy is the best thing you can do for yourself and making lifestyle changes. The side effect of that is loosing weight and being healthy. I gained weight on statins and have lost it all since getting off of them.

I am also not buying into those un-naturally low numbers they want us to have anymore. I just read today on the internet that in a Korean study, the lowest mortality rate was found to be in the [I]men[/I] who were in the 211 to 251 of cholesterol range. (This is my personal opinion only since I let how I feel dictate what numbers I do best with.)

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