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Statins not working
Jun 30, 2008
I was taking Lipitor 10 mg for 4 years and it kept my numbers in range. Last year they doubled my medicine because my triglyceride and LDL starting coming back up. I took the blood test 4 months later and numbers were about the same. I was then put on 30 mg. Lipitor. On 30 I started noticing calf charlie horses and trouble sleeping. Again, the numbers were: overall # 293 Triglycerides 175; HDL 108; VLDL 35 and LDL 150. I was switched to Zocor 40 to see if that would make a difference. The Zocor was horrible; calf & thigh cramping, toes and fingers locked and cramped, trouble sleeping and horrible constipation. When those test came back it was total cholesterol 286; triglyceride 135 HDL 106, VLDL 35 and LDL 153. I told my doctor I could not take the Zocor. He put me on 40 mg. of Lipitor. 4 days after starting the Lipitor I had flu like symptoms, diarreha, stomach cramps, head-ache. This went on for 3 days. I quit the medicine and called my doctor. This time he wants me to try 10 mg. of Lipitor because we know I didn't really have side effects from that and add 10 mg. of Zetia. I realize that my HDL is high, but my other numbers are in line. I wanted to just take 10 mg. of Lipitor and do natural things like cinnamon and flax, vitamin C. But he said he wouldn't know how much to tell me to take. He said if I am unable to take this combination there is nothing left for me to try and he would have to send me to a Cardio doctor. Why would I have to go to a Cardio doctor. I have no heart problems, my weight is in line, I exercise, do Yoga I try to watch my diet somewhati'm a 60 year old woman. What kind of foods should I be completely avoiding. So what happens if your LDL never comes down to what it should. Either some Statins don't work for me and the rest they tried I just can't tolerate. Is my doctor just a pill pusher? Would a Cardio doctor consider other alternatives like Niacin or natural remedies. Help please. My doctor made me very nervous.

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