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[quote]Originally posted by mingchi96:
somebody please help me no this real quick. The brand fish oil i recently bought, on the front it says 1000 MG. On the back under supplement Facts, it says

Natural Fish oil concentrate 2000 mg
EPA 360mg
DHA 240 mg

so... in one capsule of this brand of fish oil, how much fish oil am i getting?? 1000 mg, or 2000 mg, or 500??? Also in the suggested use it says to take 2 softgels 3x a day. meaning 6 tablets a day of fish oil. That's 6000 mg of fish oil. Thats a damn lot isnt it?? [/quote]
Hi mingchi96-

Ok, I'm not an expert here...but from everything I've read, it's not the TOTAL mg's of the fish oil that you are taking that matters, it is the total amounts of Omega 3's that you are taking. That is calculated like this:

To calculate how much omega-3 fatty acid is contained in a fish-oil supplement, add together the amounts of EPA and DHA. For example, a typical 1,000-mg capsule of fish oil provides 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA (total omega-3 fatty acids = 300 mg). Ten of these capsules would contain 3,000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids.

So, from your example, your capsules contian 600 mg of Omega 3's...EPA 360mg PLUS DHA 240 mg.

Now, why are you taking these? If it is simply to enhance your health, then yes, 6 per day would be a HUGE amount. But if you are trying to lower your Triglycerides, taking 3000 mg of Omega 3's is what is recommended. So that would be 5 per day for your pills.

I am currently taking 6 capsules per day, which equals 3000 mg (or 3 grams) of Omega 3's per day. I have very high triglycerides, so that is why I am taking so much.

So far I've had zero problems with taking them and the rest of my pills that I'm taking. My next step I think is to try to take ALL of my 6 fish oil pills at once, say at bedtime. That way, I hope to keep my minor "fish burps" at a minimum. That is my only complaint in using these pills really.

I hope this helps a little...and if I'm wrong, then I'm sorry! This stuff IS very confusing! [img][/img]

EDITED TO ADD:...after reading your post again, I have one more question...on the back of your bottle, where it says 2000 mg of fish oils...does that say PER SERVING? And is the serving size TWO CAPSULES? If that is the case, than in TWO capsules, you would be taking 600 mg of Omega 3's. So (if that is indeed the case) to get 3000 mg per day of Omega 3's you would have to take TEN capusles. (600 mg per TWO capsules times 5x per day = 3000 mg of Omega 3's)

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