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I've been coming here since last summer to learn how to reduce high total and LDL cholesterol. Wanted to learn how to avoid the need for statin drugs. I have some information to share that may be useful for others, especially middle-aged women, who are struggling with the same issue.

My LDL wasn't coming down with increased exercise and more strictness in an otherwise good diet, although my HDL increased. Then it dawned on me that I'd only lost 6 pounds in 8 months on the new regimen, which is unlike me. (Not that the pounds melt away easily anymore, but I should have got a better result than I am.) Knowing that slow thyroid function can cause slow weight loss, I started researching that subject. I was absolutely shocked to learn that hypothyroidism is the second most common cause after poor diet of elevated LDL, more common even than genetics. After I got over that shock, I got furious to learn that the pharma companies state in their literature to physicians that thyroid levels should be checked [b]BEFORE[/b] statins are prescribed. My doctor didn't do that; luckily I refused his effort to prescribe drugs for me. (Goes to show, the person who cares most about you is you. Be informed.) Bottom line to this story is that finally my thyroid has been checked, and indeed I have a problem.

Thyroid disease in this country was sharply reduced after the iodization of table salt decades ago. But these days, at doctors' urgings, people are reducing their intake of sodium, or they're using un-iodized salts for gourmet flavor, and the thyroid problem is again on the upswing. Without this source of iodine, it can be hard to get enough.

I hope my story might be helpful to someone else.

Edited to add ~ I should have mentioned that middle-aged women are not the only ones who develop thyroid disease. Even though they comprise the gender/age group where it's most commonly seen, it can happen to anyone, young or old, male or female.

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