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Hi pcovers & arkie6,

Thanks very much for your responses to my questions. In answer to pcovers' question regarding aspirin therapy: Yes, I am taking the 81mg enteric coated aspirin once a day per doctor's orders. He also prescribed some nitro for under the tongue in case of emergency extended angina type attack. I also read somewhere here in one of these forums that taking a regular aspirin at the onset of an attack might help tremendously, so I will keep some on hand, just in case, better safe than sorry. I did get some good news from the March 4th blood tests...remember the original blood work on the 14th of Feb indicated a total cholesterol of near 300 (don't have the breakdown)...but will find out. Anyhoo, the new total cholesterol figure is 182, HDL is 61, LDL is 93, and the triglycerides is 136...I am impressed with the Lipitor and life change results that came so rapidly. As one member here suggested and I agree, the immediate cessation of smoking probably has as much to do with this, as well as limiting saturated fats...I will keep you all posted with future results, but I am pleased so far. No adverse affects from Lipitor so guess I am one of the lucky ones there.
Arkie6, I put those pages you so kindly gave me into my favorites and will read them asap, I really appreciate everyone's responses, and maybe by reading our experiences we can help another person, I hope so.

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