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I am 50 and there is a very strong history of death from heart attacks in my family. Most were at a young age, 46 to 54. I am sure my gene pool is bad. For the last 15 years I have been working hard to improve my odds. I have incorporated the following life changes:
Quit Smoking
Quit working 70 per week
Adopted stress reduction techniques
Switched to 90% plus vegetarian diet
I eat very little cheese or milk products and always get 5 or more servings of fruit and veggies per day
Exercise hard 4 to 5 times per week
Take all kinds of health supporting vitamins and supplements
Take 81-mg aspirin daily
Consume red wine several times per week
Eat lots of cold water fish, mostly salmon
Consume Flex seed oil, nuts and oat bran
I mostly eat whole fresh foods
I never consume Trans-fats and very rarely will I eat fast food
I take Red Rice Yeast 2400 mg per day

I have seen my cholesterol has high and 299 and HDL as low as 25 (15 years ago, before changing my life style). Now, I feel great, have lots of energy and have no health problems. Below are my numbers.

Total Chol 204
HDL 45
LDL 134
Tri G 85
Blood sugar 91
Blood pressure 116/74
CRP 1.5
HomoSis 6

Question 1
When I have my blood taken and analyzed via the finger stab method, my numbers are always very bad (even if I was fasting). Then when I go to my doctor and have the larger amount of blood taken for his lab my numbers are OK. Has anyone else had this experience? Is it possible that the finger milking separates the blood components and passes more bad stuff?

Question 2
Has any one else had good results with Red Rice Yeast?

Question 3
Can anyone recommend other things for me to try to improve my life span? I know my numbers are borderline. I have been trying to avoid starting medication. Thanks

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