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I am 26 years old with a heredity of high cholestorol. The highest mine has been is 370. I am trying to conceive my second child. I recently went to a high-risk doctor to find out what I should do since Lipitor is toxic to a unborn baby. Basically he said time was on my side, I am young. If I am not having any problems with breathing and blood pressure, I should be OK for a few years. I don't have heart disease yet, I only have high cholestorol which does not make me high risk YET. It takes decades for the arteries to build up plaque, not months. If you have had a stress test and everything seems normal, I don't see why you can't conceive and then immediately go on statins after having children. Do not breastfeed. I am trying to have all my children one right after another so I can then resume my statins for the rest of my life. Good luck!!

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