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Based on my calculations, your LDL=31, HDL=20 and VLDL=78.

Before the changes in my lifestyle and diet, I had a very similar problem to yours. Astronomical triglycerides, low LDL and low HDL. Glad that you want to make a change already; it took a heart attack at age 35 to get the point across to me (I am 5'10", was 227 lbs, I currently weigh 160 lbs as of this morning).

I was already on tricor to bring the triglycerides down (which I no longer need). The other thing to watch out for with low HDL and high triglycerides is the onset of metabolic syndrome...

In any case my HDL at its lowest point was 25, and I thought I was doing well with a cholesterol of 192. With all the changes, my HDL is at 44, and total cholesterol was 102 (triglycerides 34) during the last measurement.

Beer certainly does not help the triglyceride situation. I have 1-2 glasses of red wine per night; my beer drinking days are over :)

As a body builder, I am thinking that you already have low body fat and a good deal of muscle mass. So, in your situation, the first steps of cardio workout and diet are what I would focus on. I do a 3+ mile run every morning (~25 min) daily, plus a few walks after lunch (2.6 mile) and various weightlifting here and there. It looks like you are probably on a low fat diet, including saturated fats? I maintain my weight that way. The high triglycerides might be due to a high load of carbs in your diet? If you can identify changes where you can either cut out, reduce, or change the carbs (e.g. white to wheat bread), that will significantly impact your triglyceride levels.

I also supplement with various vitamins, minerals and fish oil. The fish oil has been shown to help reduce serum triglycerides.

With such a low LDL and HDL, you might also consider adding just a little true saturated fat to your diet (not the trans/partially hydrogenated ones). It will raise LDL and HDL types of cholesterol, but you have some room to improve there, and the HDL in itself is such a huge risk factor. I am not well versed on the use of triglyceride/HDL ratios as a predictor, but others here are. Learning from them, I know that you want that closer to 1.0.

Other posters here will probably provide you some additional advice. Good luck with effecting the changes.

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