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Hello again.
You are so lucky to have a great doctor. I too detest unnecessary meds. When my doc first saw my high LDL measurement, he immediately wanted to prescribe Lipitor. I insisted I be allowed to try natural remedies first, after calculating my very low risk factors with the help of the good folks here on this board; but with each repeat test, he still pushed that statin. I'm so glad I resisted, since I have learned more about the various causes of high cholesterol.

In the course of all my reading about thyroid disorders, I became irate to learn that the statin manufacturers themselves state in their prescribing information for physicians that thyroid function should be tested [b]before[/b] prescribing statin drugs. I had to beg this guy for a TSH test, even after informing him my mother has the condition, which is strongly familial.

So, to answer your question, I have not yet been formally diagnosed; but my TSH on that test was nearly 5.0, and I have an appointment in two weeks with an AACE member endocrinologist. She only schedules appointments for new patients whose test results indicate there may be a genuine problem, so I'm hopeful of beginning treatment soon.

Here is a list of the classic symptoms. I have all but a few. Some I've had for at least twenty years, and never had a clue what they might indicate. The old symptoms are getting worse, and new ones continue to appear. A person needn't have every symptom on the list to have thyroid disease, and the presence of only a few may not be a concern. But most people with thy probs typically have at least a dozen or many more. (It makes it easy to see why a unsympathetic or uninformed doc might think the patient is a hypochondriac when he hears the litany of complaints, doesn't it?)

weight gain, inability to lose with diet and exercise
decreased heart rate
low body temperature
hypersensitivity to cold
high LDL cholesterol and/or triglycerides
slow healing, frequent infections
problems with memory and concentration
goiter (enlarged thyroid gland)
shortness of breath, tightness in chest
muscle pain or weakness
joint pain
loss of interest in sex
numb, tingling hands, often carpal tunnel syndrome
dry skin
yellow skin, particularly palms and soles
brittle, ridged nails
dry, gritty eyes, blurred vision
dry mouth
eyes hypersensitive to daylight
progressive hearing loss
chronic sinusitis
swollen eyelids
swollen hands, legs, torso
light headedness or vertigo
dryness, loss, or premature graying of hair
loss of outer third of eyebrows
adult acne
snoring or sleep apnea
irregular menstrual periods - more frequent or heavier
hoarse, gravelly voice
feeling of a lump in the throat

I hope I haven't told you more than you wanted to know. Sorry to blah-blah on and on. It's just that the cholesterol/thyroid connection was completely unknown to me less than a year ago, and I do a lot of reading about health and wellness. Seems the med community isn't too interested in getting the word out. There's a ton of cash to be made in the statin what's the incentive to find other ways to treat cholesterol problems? I know that may sound cynical, but that's another symptom...LOL.

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