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Hi fellow cholestorolites!

I'm a female who's been on the Atkins diet for about ten weeks and have lost 15 pounds. Although I've never felt better in my life, my recent cholestorol test results were:

Total Cholestorol 304
Triglycerides 82
HDL 65
LDL 223

High cholesterol runs in my family, but heart disease does not. Though I have optimal blood pressure, none of the other risk factors for heart disease and just passed a stress test with flying colors, a cardiologist I saw wants me to start on Liptor. I really don't want to since I already take enough stuff for my allergies and asthma and I don't want to deal with the side effects.

My last cholestorol test four years ago showed a total cholestorol of 244, LDL of 157 and HDL of 60 (I don't know the old level of Tri.)

Now, here's where I can use some help.

Should I stay on the Atkins and take the meds, go off the Atkins and try the same old low fat diets that never did anything for me before but not take the meds, stay on Atkins but cut out eggs, cheese,bacon, etc., and not take the meds, or just ignore the whole situation? At 5'6 I am now 155 which is 25 lbs short of my goal weight, but I am in excellent physical shape and I exercise regularly.

You folks seem to have so much personal experience, I wonder if you could help lead me in the right direction.

Thanks so much for any guidence you can give me. I'm so glad I found this board!
Thanks so much everyone for your very helpful and very informed responses. I'm going to stay the course except for perhaps cutting down on the eggs. After all, I don't have to eat them every DAY!
I'm going to have another test done in about six weeks to two months and see where I stand. Perhaps I need to find one of the cardiologists who are Atkins-believers.
Boy, I wish my IQ were as high as my cholestorol level. Well, at least my SAT scores were higher, thankfully!

All the best,

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