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I am almost in the same boat as you. My cholesterol ranges from 94-102 total. With that, I have very low LDL (about 50) and low HDL (used to be under 40).

For us, that seems to be a genetic makeup. There are some reports that implicate very low cholesterol with increased incidence of strokes.... Others indicate no linkage. Looking at my family history, yes the grandparents did die of stroke, but in their 70s. However, for my father and I, who had high cholesterol, primarily the LDL, well, we had heart problems at an early age (he died at 58, bypass at 51), my heart attack came at 35; my LDL was >130 then and my HDL was 25 when it happened.

My belief is that with my genetic background, its a tradeoff and clearly, the choice for longevity is the one that keeps the cholesterol down.

Through diet, weight loss, supplements and daily cardio workouts of 30 min or more (usually a 3.1 mile run plus cycling on some days), plus additional exercise I have been able to bring the HDL to above 40, for the first time in the recorded lab history of my life. It was far from easy to do though.

Congratulations on the 82--that is the lowest I have ever seen. I hope that your HDL is not anywhere near 13 again. I am guessing you also have low triglycerides to have this kind of low total cholesterol?

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