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Atkins, LDL & Tri's
Apr 10, 2003
Being fairly new to this board, could someone explain the relationship between LDL "a" and "B", Tri's and Atkins? I am 46 and started Atkins in Jan. Have lost 15 lbs. of the 30 lbs. goal and have never felt better in my life. I have tried everything from low-fat to Weight Watchers to low cal and nothing worked.

My first cholesterol test in 1993 showed high numbers which I found out runs in the family. However there is no heart disease. Numbers then were 242 total, 76 HDL, 124 LDL, 209 Tri's and 3.2 ratio.

Last fall I started a course of 4000 mg. garlic, 2000 mg. flaxseed oil, 1000 mg. flush free niacin, and 2000 mg. fish oil concentrate per day. My recent tests are as follows: 254 total, 74 HDL, 165 LDL, 73 Tri's and 3.4 ratio with 0.9 HDL/Tri ratio.

Question: how can I reduce the LDL to see the excellent results I have seen in the Tri's? I saw something on this board about Tri "a" and Tri "b" but am unfamiliar with this. Are the things I am taking responsible for the reduced Tri's? Is there something I am missing that can get that LDL down? Thanks to all help!

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