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I just found out on thursday that my colestoral is very high, my Dr. is sending me to a specialest, but the earlyest day is almost 3 months away.

My stats are:

Total Colestoral : 8.7 mmol/L (336 mg/dl)
HDL : .8 mmol/L (30.9 mg/dl)
LDL : 7.42 mmol/L (287 mg/dl)
Tri : 2.4 mmol/L (212.5 mg/dl)
TC/HDL : 11.6
from what I am seeing some of these are kinda high.

Im unsure on where to start, I started to take a dubble dose of Jamieson Super Vita-Vim,
and some OMEGA 3 Capsules as well.

Also going to try a special diet, but cant figure out what is good and what is bad. (thats why i am here)

As for working out I will be doing that , but the dr said to take it very easy. as it is i very rarly eat red meat.

Edited to fix math(i think i got it right now)

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I posted the link because it listed all the diffrent vitamins that are in it

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