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Hello folks, I wish to thank you all who helped me late last fall when I was informed that I had a high LDL level. At that time my numbers were: LDL, 209: HDL, 61: Trig.48, Total Cholesterol, 280. I've been taking a natural approach to lower the LDL's. Policosanol 20 mgs./before bed with a snack, garlic, omega 3 fatty acids/foods high in and a supplement and Take Control margarine and I walk every day. Here are the current numbers: LDL, 190, HDL, 73, Trig., 53, Total Cholesterol, 274. Now, here is my question.....should I be concerned? The doctor is not happy with the LDL at 190--says it should be 130 especially with the family history of heart desease. PLEASE HELP.....I hear so folks speak of the "ratio" and my doctor does not mention it. I forgot how to figure the ratio-divide 73 into 274?????? Many of you have much more experience than I, I would like to get your opinions. Thanks a lot, Rebeckah

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