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I agree with both Hunter and Viper on those issues. Your LDL is probably not bad at all, the HDL is a bit low and the triglycerides are elevated by far.

Coming from a lipid profile that was similar than yours (well actually it was a little worse a few years ago), it was Tricor that brought the triglycerides down. I can't figure out (as Viper said) why you were prescribed lipitor.

Your initiation of jogging into your lifestyle will do a world of good as far as HDL is concerned. Thats the primary reason I was able to take my HDL from 25 to 70. Walking plus Niacin brought me to near 40 HDL. The last 3 months have seen my HDL go from 44 to 70, but I have been running a little over 3 miles a day, just about every day, since October last year. Incorporating fish oil into your diet will certainly help, as will a reduction in carbohydrate intake. After I lost my first 20 lbs, I was able to come off Tricor, and my triglycerides have continued to drop ever since, as I have kept exercising and losing weight.


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