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Fail to understand why he would put you on lipitor for hi tri's , it's not particularly effective for that , would have though he would have put you on something like tricor for hi tri's and it will also lower totals too .

[quote]Originally posted by tjdsp1:
[b]ok after reading a bit i am really starting to worry !! i guess that is why the doctor put me on lipitor imediatly. even though my liver tests were bad here is my results
liver ast 48 alt 113 both bad .

my cholesterol
total cholosterol 249
hdl 32
my triglycerides are through the roof 511 because they are so high they cant calculate my ldl

i am getting my blood checked again in 5 weeks to make sure my liver is still ok and to see if the 20mg of lipitor helps at all.

i am 31 years old and i weigh 216 but but i am 6'1" tall

I thought i was healthy until i went in for a routine checkup and this is what i have now ..

question 1 should i take SUPER OMEGA 3 OIL CAPSULES
also to try to get this in line quick ?

do you think it is wise to take lipitor while i have elevated liver enzimes?

i have been on it for 1 week and the thing i notice the most is a very small pain in my back and sides nothing i cant live with . is this normal?

what should i do next?? i bought a treadmill and im running 20 minutes 4 days a week .




I agree with both Hunter and Viper on those issues. Your LDL is probably not bad at all, the HDL is a bit low and the triglycerides are elevated by far.

Coming from a lipid profile that was similar than yours (well actually it was a little worse a few years ago), it was Tricor that brought the triglycerides down. I can't figure out (as Viper said) why you were prescribed lipitor.

Your initiation of jogging into your lifestyle will do a world of good as far as HDL is concerned. Thats the primary reason I was able to take my HDL from 25 to 70. Walking plus Niacin brought me to near 40 HDL. The last 3 months have seen my HDL go from 44 to 70, but I have been running a little over 3 miles a day, just about every day, since October last year. Incorporating fish oil into your diet will certainly help, as will a reduction in carbohydrate intake. After I lost my first 20 lbs, I was able to come off Tricor, and my triglycerides have continued to drop ever since, as I have kept exercising and losing weight.


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