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Great results
May 30, 2003
1 month ago cholesteral reading was 275. Good cholesteral was 45 and LDL and Trig. were very high.
I just got rechecked and my results are awesome
total 146
HDL 60
TG 68
LDL 72

just in case people are interested here is what I did.

-Ran two miles per day 5 days a week
-Added GNC's Mega Man Dietary supplement (1 pill twice a day.
-Added GNC Fish Body Oils 1000 (2 pills before each meal for a total of 6 per day
-Added Riz-Strol by Organika. Has 100 mg of guggulipid, 75 mg of artichoke extract, 10 mg of grape seed extract, and 500 mg of fermented red rice extract power.

I have taken the vitamins and fish oil religeously over the past month. I added the Riz-Strol about 3 weeks ago and it says to take 3 pills a day 1 for each meal. I did this for only 3 weeks then reduced to only 1 pill before dinner.

Also, improved diet a bit by removing cheese and replacing milk with soy milk. Most else remained the same. If any else try I wish you the best of luck.

One question for anyone out there. Can cholesteral be to low?

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